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Collaborative care is a relationship between providers—such as midwives, nurses, physicians, social workers, cultural and spiritual healers, and others—that is built on respect and understanding of the unique and complementary skills that each provider brings to the situation to influence optimal outcomes for women, newborns and families.

We are always researching, engaging with other midwives, and consulting with other healthcare professionals to provide you with safe, evidence-based options for care.

During birth it is important that there be enough hands. We collaborate with midwives and assistants from all along the Wasatch Front. You will end up with an amazing, skilled team to support you throughout your labor and birth. 


In our home there is a saying has come to define us: We don’t make friends, we make family… That is the spirit of care with Rose Moon Midwifery. We want your birth to be a positive experience surrounded by people you trust.

Meet some of our family of midwives!

Midwife, Homebirth, Baby, Birth, Waterbirth
Midwife, Homebirth, Baby

Krista Miracle


Amanda Mauch

...and some of our other favorites!
LivingMom Herbal
Herbal Nutrition &
Placenta Encapsulation
Salt City Birth Photographer
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Amanda Counter, Midwife, Homebirth
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