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Midwifery Care

The midwifery care package includes:

  • One-hour prenatal visits

  • Blood pressure, urinalysis screen, fetal heart rate, and fundal height measurement offered at every appointment

  • Routine prenatal lab work

    • Full OB panel including blood typing, complete blood count, ferritin3rd trimester CBC and ferritin, glucose testingGroup B Strep testing

  • Hema-plex® iron supplement if recommended

  • 20-week anatomy scan ultrasound

  • Birth Kit

  • Second midwife and/or birth assistants

  • Labor, birth and immediate postpartum care for you and baby

  • Vitamin K and/or eye ointment for newborn (if desired)

  • Newborn screenings:  CCHD, Metabolic, Hearing

  • One-hour postpartum midwifery appointments at 24-48hrs, 1-2 weeks, 3-4 weeks, and 6 weeks; up to 12 weeks as needed. 

  • Routine well-baby care at postpartum appointments

  • Additional visits, if necessary, at no additional charge 

  • Referral for consultation with other providers as needed




The following services can be provided outside our regular midwifery care package:

  • Well-Care 

    • Gentle cervical (PAP) testing​

    • Lab work

    • Private, respectful STI screening

  • Family planning support and referrals

  • FREE urine hCG pregnancy testing

  • SNEAK PEAK® Early Fetal Sex Determination

  • Compassionate prenatal and postpartum care for clients birthing in the hospital

    • Hour long appointments tailored to your specific needs​

    • Monitrice/Labor support for VBAC & VBAC2 clients birthing in the hospital. 

  • Birth plan consultation

  • Postpartum planning

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Newborn weight checks and lactation referrals

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